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Four Ways to Turn Noisy Clients into Revenue-Generating Clients

Managing noisy clients can be a challenge for many Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Customers who often need more support and contribute lower MRR put a strain on your resources and overwhelm your service desk, which makes it difficult for you to manage your clients at scale. If you’ve struggled to support resource-intensive customers, we have good news. With the right tools and strategies, you can finally turn those noisy clients into revenue-generating clients, boosting the MRR they produce.  

Adopt client-centric solutions

Noisy customers often have unmet needs, which usually causes them to flood the service desk with tickets or send endless emails and phone calls to their account manager. When customers feel like they are not receiving the right support, they get louder, and this isn’t good for your MSP or your customers, but it can be fixed.    

Implementing a client-centric solution such as CloudRadial’s Client Service Automation (CSA) platform benefits both customers and MSPs. Within the platform, customers can access a client-focused self-service portal that streamlines collaboration, ticketing, onboarding new employees, QBR reporting and delivers insights into their IT infrastructure. When clients get what they need, whether it’s understanding their technology stack or quickly seeing the status of requests, there’s less reason for them to be noisy. 

CloudRadial’s Account Planner can also help convert noisy customers into more lucrative ones. This collaborative planner feature includes visual elements to simplify issue identification and offers clients information on recommended services and solutions. 

CloudRadial's Account Planner enables your customers to: 

  • Build Customizable Technology Roadmaps: Customized roadmaps for clients outline the IT strategy and goals, aligning technology investments with the client's business objectives. 
  • Offer Proactive IT Management: Using the account planner, MSPs can provide automated alerts, monitoring, and reporting capabilities to avoid potential issues and ensure the client's IT environment runs smoothly. 
  • Enhance Client Collaboration: MSPs can work closely with clients to make informed decisions about technology investments, upgrades, and enhancements. 
  • Scale Business Growth: MSPs can use the planner to present growth plans to their clients. They can identify opportunities to leverage technology for business expansion, improve efficiency, and increase competitive advantage. 

Focus on proactive communication and support

Building and maintaining open lines of communication is another key element in transforming noisy clients into revenue-generating clients. The CloudRadial self-service portal gives busy MSPs and their customers a highly collaborative platform designed to streamline information flows and make communication quick and easy. It also creates a seamless shift from being a reactive MSP to a proactive MSP. Proactive support enables MSPs to identify issues before they become major problems, helping to reduce some of the chatter that can spring up when trouble disrupts a client’s operations. Implementing an improved and highly effective QBR process is also beneficial in spotting and resolving issues early and identifying where you can provide additional support to help the customer further boost their productivity and efficiency.  

Being transparent with communications and support creates a positive impression and encourages repeat business. It also empowers customers because they know how to connect with their MSP and be confident that problems will be solved quickly. When all these elements work together, clients are more inclined to trust their MSP and continue investing in their solutions. 


Offer value-driven education

Educating clients about the broader benefits of your products and services is essential. Value-driven education makes customers feel less needy and encourages them to be more self-sufficient. In addition, your customers expect you to guide them toward helpful educational opportunities as part of your role as a thought leader and trusted advisor.  

CloudRadial’s Bigger Brains integration provides powerful training offerings you can tailor for each client. It includes an impressive free library of courses, with additional courses available as a cost-effective add-on. Focusing on practical and relevant skills ensures users are better equipped to use their tools and technologies effectively and productively. This can lead to better outcomes and improved performance. 


Deliver more value through upselling and cross-selling

Skillful and informed upselling and cross-selling can be highly effective strategies for MSPs to increase their MRR. Adding services or products that equip customers with the tools they need to succeed helps build customer loyalty, nurture long-term partnerships, and generate repeat business. Recommendations to complement clients’ existing offerings with new solutions can also increase revenue as the customer expands their capabilities and technology infrastructure. Finally, introducing new products and services to existing clients often opens the door to new leads, too, as decision-makers refer you to colleagues or even call you in after joining a new company with unmet technology needs.   

The CloudRadial service catalog gives your customers instant anytime access to your up-to-date list of service offerings. Here, you can sell new equipment, offer new services, complete software installations, order more licenses, provide onboarding/ offboarding forms, and more. It acts as a central hub, offering seamless and efficient customer communication. While your customers are busy browsing your service catalog, you can rest easy knowing that you’re increasing your revenue and scaling your MSP.  

Identifying complementary products or services can lead to increased sales. Finding those high-benefit, high-value offerings is easier with CloudRadial integrations. With so many offered, you can connect your other MSP tools to CloudRadial’s CSA platform to centralize data and workflow management, billing, training, reporting, and client onboarding. Integrations are a great way to save time, reduce context switching, and align your offerings with customers’ needs. 

If you’re ready to turn those noisy clients into revenue-generating clients, schedule a quick overview to see how CloudRadial’s CSA platform can help get you started. 

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