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Train Your Clients to be More Productive with CloudRadial and Bigger Brains

Most MSPs know that if your customers can’t use the software you provide because they simply don’t know how, then it’s in your best interests to bridge that knowledge gap. If your clients don’t use what you’re billing them for, there’s a chance they’ll stop using your services altogether. 

Setting up and self-hosting your own training videos and libraries is time-consuming—and keeping them updated with the latest information can become difficult to manage. That’s where CloudRadial’s integration with Bigger Brains comes in. 

This integration, available through CloudRadial’s white-labeled client portal, empowers MSP clients to master the core software and communication strategies they need to be successful in the workplace.   

About Bigger Brains courses 
As an eLearning publisher specializing in engaging online business courses, Bigger Brains offers comprehensive Microsoft app training suitable for all staff levels. With more than 40 free courses available in your CloudRadial tenant and 193 courses in the premium course library, MSPs can nurture confident customers. This information-packed integration equips customers with the skills to effectively use O365 applications and understand critical business functions and office etiquette. For MSPs, this integration will significantly reduce service desk tickets and enable engineers to focus on more time-sensitive tickets. 

How does this integration help MSPs?
With CloudRadial and Bigger Brains, you can offer your clients training videos and personalized learning paths—giving you a major differentiator in the MSP industry. This efficient approach reduces the time and effort spent creating custom training content, ultimately boosting productivity and success for MSPs and their clients. 

Why should MSPs invest in customer training? 
MSPs prioritizing customer training nurture clients who are more efficient troubleshooters and avid solution users. Not only will they have a deeper understanding of what they are using and how it benefits them—they will feel more confident in how they are using it, which will significantly reduce the amount of service desk tickets and user errors. Client self-service has many benefits, such as reduced reliance on support, cost savings, and enhanced productivity, all of which help to increase customer satisfaction and build long-term partnerships. 

How can MSPs generate recurring revenue with the Bigger Brains integration? 
By bundling the content subscriptions with a convenient monthly fee, MSPs can offer their clients continuous access to extensive training materials. This subscription-based model helps MSPs secure monthly recurring revenue and reinforces their role as valuable partners in their customers' growth and success, as they can cater to each client's wants and needs. 

To learn more about how the CloudRadial and Bigger Brains integration can help you provide top-notch training for your clients, download our datasheet today. 


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