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MSP Benefits of Offering Security Software-as-a-Service

Do you lose sleep thinking about how you can better protect your customers' businesses?  

Do you check your emails on the weekend to ensure your customers haven't been hit with the latest phishing attack?  

Do you worry about your customers becoming part of the next big ransomware statistic? 

For most MSPs and their customers, security is a top concern. Cyberattacks continue to rise, threat actors continue to infiltrate businesses, and most small-to-medium-sized (SMB) businesses lack the resources they need to stay protected. So, as an MSP, how can you help?  

Start with the CloudRadial and Augmentt integration. 

This integration gives MSPs the tools they need to protect their customers' SaaS applications, proactively strengthen M365 security, and implement good cyber hygiene. 

About Augmentt  
Built for MSPs, Augmentt is a cutting-edge centralized SaaS security platform offering a comprehensive security approach for M365 and Cloud applications. Augmentt gives you a unique window into your client's IT environment, helping you stay ahead of the security curve. Their platform can show you where potential security risks are, how to detect and mitigate threats, and how to remediate any security gaps.  

It gets even better with CloudRadial. 

CloudRadial's client-facing portal takes the data from Augmentt and presents the key findings to your customers in real time. Not only does this save a huge amount of time and resources, but it also: 

  • Emphasizes the value you bring to your customers and highlights how much you're doing for them, often behind the scenes without them realizing. 
  • Enables you to build a collaborative relationship with your customers, where security is a shared responsibility. 
  • Encourages your customers to take an interest in their security and take proactive measures to protect their businesses.  

How does this integration help MSPs? 
If you want to grow and scale your MSP, you must take security seriously. That doesn't just mean offering password resets and being at the end of the phone when disaster strikes. 

It means monitoring, managing, and supporting your customer's IT environment and doing everything you can to ensure it’s always protected. With Augmentt and CloudRadial, you can take a proactive security approach which will help with:  

  • Transparency. With CloudRadial as the gateway to SaaS reporting, you have the tools to be more transparent with your customers. Your customers are more likely to trust you and want to invest in you when the easily-accessible data demonstrates what you’re doing to protect them. 
  • Strategy. You can introduce high-level concepts such as shadow IT, productive SaaS apps, and general security and begin to have more strategic conversations about improving and securing your customers' businesses.  
  • Client Relationships. You'll nurture confident and well-educated customers who will be more informed when discussing their security for SaaS applications and look to you for their next security investment. 

Why Should MSPs Invest in SaaS Security Solutions?  
It's simple. If you want to increase your revenue, foster satisfied customers, and strengthen your competitive edge, then you need to invest in SaaS security solutions. Here’s what you can expect with an integration like CloudRadial + Augmentt: 

  • Revenue Growth. Expanding your service portfolio to include SaaS security taps into a rapidly growing market, enhancing your revenue potential and enabling you to scale your MSP.  
  • Customer Satisfaction. SaaS security solutions proactively address cyber risks and prevent potential disasters. When you protect your customers' businesses, you forge trust and loyalty, encouraging them to renew contracts and recommend you to others. 
  • Competitive Advantage. SaaS security strengthens your competitive edge in the MSP industry. You will differentiate yourself and attract new business by providing comprehensive security offerings. 
  • Growth Opportunities. As cyber threats continue to rise, businesses need robust security solutions. The demand for SaaS security is continuously growing, and the opportunities for MSPs are endless.  

To learn more about the CloudRadial and Augmentt integration and how it can help you better protect your customers, download our datasheet today.  

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