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Smart Ticketing and Automation Makes Work Easier for Your Team and Clients – Here’s How

If we asked you to picture the traditional ticketing process, what comes to mind?  

Do you immediately think of service desk technicians constantly going back and forth with customers?  

Do you think about all the time spent manually gathering the information needed to get the job done?  

Do you hear the endless sound of notifications and feel the stress of an overwhelmed service desk?  

Not only does the usual approach to ticketing spike your blood pressure — it usually doesn’t make your customers very happy, either. 

You can make the ticketing experience better for your team and clients with smart ticketing and automation in CloudRadial’s Client Services Automation (CSA) platform. 

Smart Ticketing

With ticket management of the past, your customers are often in the dark regarding resolution status, and your technicians spend hours chasing down the information they need to provide solutions.  

CloudRadial's Smart Ticketing feature transforms traditional ticketing, enabling MSPs to automate and optimize ticketing workflows. Clients can submit tickets via web, desktop, or Microsoft Teams, using customized forms with dynamic questions for faster resolution. You can even surface troubleshooting articles and information based on their input, allowing clients to solve many of their own IT problems.  

For problems that can’t be managed with self-service, support becomes seamless as tickets are routed to the correct department with the necessary information, reducing delays and errors.  

Smart Ticketing frees up time and helps to create faster ticket resolution times. Communication is streamlined, bringing interactions into one intuitive self-service client portal. Reports are automated with insightful data, allowing MSPs to optimize their operations and deliver top-notch services, helping drive efficiency and exceeding client expectations. Your service desk technicians have more time to focus on strategic initiatives. 

Did you know that MSPs spend around 80% of their time doing the same mundane and repetitive tasks? It's no wonder service desks are overloaded, and customers face long delays. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Implementing automation will help you save a tremendous amount of time, energy, and resources.  

MSPs of all sizes benefit from automation because it helps maximize efficiency, provides customers with consistent support, and reduces labor costs.  

CloudRadial enables MSPs to automate ticketing, workflows, and on-demand reporting. What's more, our upcoming feature, drag and drop Automations, allows MSPs to automate new client onboarding, create new opportunities, and even trigger RMM commands.  

Let's take a look at these in more detail. 

  • Ticketing: CloudRadial's self-service portal can significantly improve the front-end ticketing process and back-end functions. With automation, CloudRadial can process the end user's response, get pre-approval, seamlessly run it through the PSA, and even route it to Teams, Slack, or a JSON webhook for additional communication, and even resolve the ticket automatically. 
  • On-demand reporting: CloudRadial enables MSPs to create highly customizable, automated, and on-demand reports with the click of a button, ensuring that clients receive insightful and timely information about the performance and progress of their IT services. Instead of spending time building this report yourself and reviewing it with your clients, you can use this time to discuss more strategic projects that can be achieved without adding more staff. It is a cost-effective and scalable solution for MSPs looking to deliver enhanced client experiences and drive business growth. 
  • Onboarding: Automating the onboarding process means new employees receive everything they need in one flow instead of waiting for items individually. With CloudRadial, MSP customers can automate the ordering of hardware, automate webhooks, and send out automated emails to communicate a new user has been added all in one central place, CloudRadial’s client-facing portal. 
  • New Opportunities: Actively seeking ways to provide your customers with additional, customized IT services creates new opportunities, which is crucial for MSP success. The CloudRadial self-service portal can help you automate this process. Using the automated workflow, the portal can create new opportunities outright, helping you save time and solve requests quickly and efficiently.  
  • Trigger RMM Commands: With CloudRadial, MSPs can control software access through their RMM, allowing users to trigger software downloads via CloudRadial forms. This feature allows MSPs to regulate who can view and download specific software. 

With CloudRadial, MSPs can streamline operations and work more efficiently using Smart Ticketing and Automations. To learn more about how these features can help you grow and scale your MSP, book a demo today. 

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