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Why Every MSP Needs to Invest in Marketing — and How It Can Be Easier

Have you ever stopped to think about how much marketing we digest daily? According to marketing experts, the average person sees between 4,000 and 10,000 ads in a single day. That number may seem extremely high, but it makes sense when you break it down.  

You spend an hour on social media on your morning commute, you’re hit with ads all over your social media feeds.  

You walk through the city on your lunch break, and you’re surrounded by billboards, flyers, and TVs in shop windows. 

And unless you’ve paid for premium streaming, you’re bombarded with commercials while watching TV at the end of the day. 

Can you see how that number makes a little more sense? 

Marketing is everywhere, and we are all marketing consumers, but when it comes to Managed Service Providers (MSPs), research shows that it is one key area they struggle with. Whether they don’t have the time, lack the resources, or simply don’t see the benefit, MSPs of all sizes often do not prioritize their marketing efforts.  

This can often hinder MSP success. Why? If you’re not talking about your solutions and products or educating your new and existing clients about your business, then how will you generate new sales, cross-sell into your customer bases, and win new business?  

If you’re an MSP who’s struggling with marketing, CloudRadial’s integration with Wingman MSP Marketing can help.  

What is Wingman MSP Marketing?  
Wingman is a marketing service dedicated to helping MSPs elevate their brand, expand their audience, educate their clients, and boost their revenue. They're your ally in starting more effective conversations with your clients, and they connect you with the right prospects to kickstart those vital face-to-face interactions. With Wingman, you get the tools to enhance your marketing efforts.  

CloudRadial has joined forces with Wingman to create a bespoke marketing course for MSPs, and what's more, you can access it all within the CloudRadial unified portal. 

We know that marketing is a huge pain point for MSPs, but with this course designed to help elevate your MSP, drive brand awareness, and win new business, we know you'll be more comfortable with marketing your MSP.  

How does this integration help MSPs?
We get it: MSPs face immense pressure to stand out and communicate their value proposition, which can be overwhelming. But while it's tempting to resort to aggressive sales pitches and spammy tactics, they won't help you generate long-term success. 

This is why Wingman won't just hand you a sales pitch that doesn’t resonate – they’ll help you create a marketing message that your clients will understand and connect with.  

They also won't show you how to spam your clients with useless information and misleading content, but they will help you learn and develop new skills to aid your marketing efforts so you can deliver high-quality content that helps you educate your clients.  

And they won’t show you how to be inconsistent with your branding and deliver confusing mixed messages, but they will show you how to strengthen your marketing materials and build a pipeline for lead generation. 

Why should MSPs invest in marketing? 
The very beginning of this blog discusses how we all consume marketing. Businesses of all sizes invest in marketing to promote their goods and sell their brand, so why should MSPs be any different? 

To be a trusted and respected MSP, you must create value in your delivery and build genuine connections. It's about more than just closing a deal; it's about forging long-lasting client relationships. Marketing is the key to fostering those relationships.  

It also allows you to: 

  • Build your brand: With consistent messaging and a strong brand identity, you'll stand out amongst competitors, be your client's trusted ally, and attract new business. With a strong focus on brand messaging, Wingman can help you cultivate your brand.  
  • Increase customer retention: It's not always about winning new business. You need to look after your existing clients, too. Creating engaging content and keeping them updated with your business will help keep them informed and satisfied.  
  • Increase growth and aid scalability: You can scale your MSP business with consistent marketing. More clients mean more revenue and will increase opportunities for expansion.  

To learn more about the CloudRadial and Wingman MSP Marketing integration and how it can help you build a marketing strategy that sells the value of your MSP, download our datasheet today.

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