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    Mandatory Risk Reduction – Client Training

    Kenley Sweet
    Posted by Kenley Sweet on Apr 5, 2021 9:20:27 AM

    Thanks to sophisticated MSP security offerings, hackers are now left only with email as a threat vector. That’s why almost 98% of all threats come through your end user's inbox. And while there are many defenses against known malware, zero-day threats are always a risk. 

    The most effective and least cost prevention can be delivered through better training. Teaching users how to spot malicious emails, avoid problems, quickly report suspicious behavior and the benefits of multi-factor authentication are keys to a successful cyber defense. That’s why training is fundamental to the CloudRadial platform. 

    With CloudRadial’s built-in learning management system, you can either deliver the provided security training, enhance it, create your own, or inexpensively add on the Bigger Brains training package. These integrated courses help you to: 

    1. Educate users on how they can prevent cyberattacks. 
    2. Recognize users for taking courses with professional looking certificates. 
    3. Track users and ensure that everyone gets the necessary courses. 
    4. Share the risk with the company so that you and your clients work together to address cybersecurity. 

    Clients and users can no longer just rely on their MSP to keep them safe; they also play a role in preventing issues. 

    But Wait, There’s More... 

    Of course, while you are going to the trouble of helping clients ensure better security outcomes, you can also deliver more value to yourself and clients by: 

    1. Offering extensive courses on Office 365 and workplace skills development through Bigger Brains installable courses. 
    2. Allowing clients to develop their own courses on issues critical to their business. 
    3. Building your own internal library of courses to train new staff. 

    And all of these courses are available however you deploy your CloudRadial portal, including: 

    • Web portal 
    • Installed web application 
    • Desktop tray application 
    • Microsoft Teams integration 

    With CloudRadial, you’ll remove previous learning barriers, including separate sign-ins or high prices and make training a much-appreciated service by your clients. 


    For a deeper look into the benefits of offering client training, download our free guide, “Training is an MSP Must: Six Things to Look For.”  

    Learn more about our Bigger Brains integration and the free training courses included inside CloudRadial’s University feature at 

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