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Announcing: ChatStyle Acquisition, CloudRadial CSA & More

We’re officially unveiling some major changes that have happened at CloudRadial.

Because we value your time, we’ve got an overview as well as all the details, in their full glory, outlined below.


The Overview

New Products

  • CloudRadial has acquired, a fresh approach to chat for MSPs that combines AI, Chat, SMS, Teams, Slack, Workflows, and PSA integration all in one user experience. This new offering is CloudRadial Chat, and it starts at just $95/month.
  • CloudRadial has partnered with ScoutDNS to create a unique integration that gets MSPs out of the middle of DNS security filtering and reporting by making it client-self-service focused. CloudRadial DNS is offered with competitive pricing.

Core Product Name Change

  • CloudRadial, our core product, has been renamed CloudRadial CSA to distinguish it as the leading Client Services Automation platform.

Open-Source Automations

  • CloudRadial CSA Automations is adding an open-source component to link forms directly to PowerShell scripts.


The Details Acquisition — CloudRadial Chat

Chris Dix, the founder of ChatStyle, created an amazing omnichannel, AI-fueled, PSA-integrated chat that makes client management easier and techs more productive. Chris has joined CloudRadial as our Director of Conversational Interfaces and he and his new team are committed to evolving the product.

We have three versions:

  • Starter: Features omnichannel support in SMS, Teams, and Slack with integrated PSA ticket creation. Techs work chats out of Teams or Slack, meaning they don’t have another portal to master. “Slash” commands fuel tech productivity.
  • Professional: Adds AI-bot response options which can handle many problems or even ticket creation and inquiry without requiring a tech.
  • Enterprise: Adds the ability to design custom workflows, scripting, and dialog paths for more specific needs.

The transition from ChatStyle to CloudRadial Chat continues with plans for tighter integration, information sharing, and improved AI responses. For more information on pricing, to sign up for a demo, or to purchase, please visit


CloudRadial DNS

We’ve worked closely with Tim Adams at ScoutDNS for more than a year, and together, we knew we could ease the burden on MSPs with a client-managed (and MSP-provisioned) DNS solution.

We’ve preached the value of a self-service client approach, and DNS is one of the best examples of the power of connecting clients directly to your tech stack. We’ve worked out special CloudRadial pricing and features with ScoutDNS that we’ll resell as CloudRadial DNS. It’s ScoutDNS under the hood and CloudRadial CSA in vision.

CloudRadial DNS is priced competitively and in consideration of more “labor-intensive” DNS products. If you’re one of the many MSPs thinking about Cisco Umbrella end-of-life issues, now is the time to take your DNS game to the next level. For pricing information, to start a trial, or to buy, visit:


CloudRadial CSA

CloudRadial, our founding product, has evolved from a ticketing portal with client reporting into an all-inclusive Client Services Automation platform with a powerful Unified Client Portal™ for both you and your clients. It powers what we describe as engagement maturity — think operational maturity but from the client side.

This focus on engagement maturity has saved our partners more than 5,000,000 hours by making their ticketing, reporting, business reviews, and management more scalable and automated. Plus, its combination of features has saved our partners millions of dollars by consolidating their stack into fewer tools.


CloudRadial Add-Ons

CloudRadial CSA, CloudRadial Chat, and CloudRadial DNS together showcase our vision for more efficient, scalable, and profitable client engagement. Plus, we are working with other vendors to deliver the outcomes you want and not just more tools that you hope work together.

That’s why we are also reselling leading solutions for training, SaaS management, billing reconciliation, and more. Our account management team’s focus is to make sure that you are taking costs out of your budget and delivering results for you and your clients. Available add-ons are now shown on our pricing page


But wait, one more thing…

Based on feedback from our partners, we’ve taken CloudRadial’s CSA Automations to the next level and made it easier than ever to prepopulate dropdown forms with client-specific details and link those forms to actions in Microsoft 365 and other tools.

We are introducing an open-source PowerShell project using Azure Function apps to make onboarding, off-boarding, and time-consuming 365 tasks totally user-driven. You can read more about Automations here:

Participate in our open-source Automations project here:


A special thanks from CEO & President, Jeff Farris

When I started CloudRadial a few years ago, the concept of creating a digital-first client environment was unique. Now, our platform, our growth, and AI are allowing us to take this concept to the next level.

We see more opportunities than ever to make MSPs more efficient and profitable and to make your jobs more interesting and beneficial to clients. A combination of efficiency and client benefit is what drives profits.

There has never been a better time to be an MSP, and with your guidance and support over the years, there has never been a better time to work with and at CloudRadial.

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