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Simplify Ticket Submission with Client-Facing Routing

CloudRadial's ticketing forms have always allowed MSP Partners to determine where and how a ticket form is sent via the Routing tab. That includes everything from sending ticket form information to specific email addresses or sending tickets to specified areas in the PSA (with board, type, subtype and more pre-specified in the ticket settings).

Now, CloudRadial Partners can take advantage of question types within tickets that enable end-users to route the ticket based on specific responses in the forms.

Ticketing Questions

These question types are all available in client-side routing:


Question Type



Kaseya BMS


Halo PSA

Board/Queue (PSA)


Priority (PSA)


Status (PSA)


Type (PSA)


Subtype (PSA)


Category (PSA)


Item (PSA)


Note that while all of these questions are available within the CSA, there may not be corresponding options for your use within your specific PSA.

Why Does This Matter?

When clients can manage their own ticketing within their client portal, this reduces guesswork and approximation considerably on the support side. Much of the back-and-forth chatter for clarification and determination simply doesn’t have to happen. Furthermore, this empowers the client, who is actually managing the situation, to update and work with support directly with the information they need to resolve the problem.

An initial request for help with a laptop may look like this:

Screen shot of initial request


As questions become more refined and targeted, these kinds of options appear:


Screen shot refined options

This ensures that all of the details of their request are sent and nothing is left out. While users generally prefer to send a quick and plain email asking for help, we've seen that predefined forms cut down on the back-and-forth between support and the ticket submitter - which increases the value of the CSA to the MSPs using it.

Best Practices to Adopt

There are, of course, ways to maximize efficiency and the ticketing structure to submit excellent tickets. These include:

  1. Familiarize yourself with your brand of PSA. That way you’ll know what questions you’ll have easy access to by using the first chart above
  2. Familiarize yourself with the situation. If you’re opening a laptop ticket, why do you need to submit that ticket? Do you need to order a new laptop? Do you need service on your laptop? It’s important to begin a ticket request knowing what exactly you want to have accomplished.
  3. Find out any serial numbers, equipment tags, or other important information that you may be requested to provide in advance. This will make your ticket submission process proceed smoothly and easily.


Looking for more information? Check out this Knowledge Base article too.


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