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5 Common Tasks Every MSP Should Be Automating

If you're a Managed Service Provider (MSP) looking to grow and scale your business, you need to start automating your most common tasks. Why?  

Because automation is the driving force behind increasing efficiency and unlocking growth and scalability. For MSPs looking to reduce overheads, automation enables you to offer more services without adding more to your workforce.  

When it comes to automation, most MSPs are unsure where to start. With so much conflicting information, navigating automation can be challenging.  

To help kick-start your journey, we’re breaking down the top five tasks you can automate right now. Let's dive in. 

Task One: Tickets 

  • Are your service desks swamped with tickets? 
  • Are your processes too manual and time-consuming? 
  • Are your ticket resolution times turning into days instead of hours? 

If you answered yes to any of the above, you need to start automating your ticketing process.  

Automating your ticketing process is a quick win for MSPs and their clients. By implementing an automated workflow, you're not just improving efficiency but supercharging your employees' productivity.  

Say goodbye to the days of tedious sorting and assigning inbound tickets to teams, boards and queues individually. With automation, incoming tickets are rapidly triaged and directed to the right person without manual intervention.  

CloudRadial's Smart Ticketing takes this process further. With Smart Ticketing, MSPs can automate and optimize ticketing workflows. Clients can submit tickets via web, desktop, or Microsoft Teams, using customized forms with dynamic questions for faster resolution. You can even surface troubleshooting articles and information based on their input, allowing clients to solve many IT problems on their own.  

If you want to enhance efficiency, streamline client support, and improve customer satisfaction, automating your ticketing processes needs to be on your to-do list.

Task Two: Onboarding and Offboarding

Onboarding and offboarding staff can often be a tedious and time-consuming task for MSPs. The slurry of back-and-forth communication between both parties can cause a headache for anyone involved. However, automation can make this process much more manageable. 

Automation ensures onboarding and offboarding processes are error-free, user-friendly, and quick to complete. Not only does this improve overall efficiency and help new employees hit the ground running, but these processes are scalable, meaning MSPs can cater to the masses without the additional overheads.  

CloudRadial's new Drag and Drop Automations feature makes the onboarding process even faster and easier. With CloudRadial, MSP customers can execute their own ordering of hardware, software, and even new IT services. They can even trigger automated emails to communicate a new user has been added — all in one central place, CloudRadial’s unified, client-facing portal.  

Not only does this help ensure consistency, but it also reduces the risk of security vulnerabilities and compliance breaches. You can learn more about how CloudRadial’s new feature, Drag and Drop Automations assists with both onboarding and offboarding here 

Task Three: Reporting

Did you know that automated reporting is a vital feature for MSPs? Knowing which reports you need and where to start can be challenging. But here's where CloudRadial can help you.  

With CloudRadial, MSPs can create customizable and automated QBR reporting. These reports can include KPIs dashboards,, metrics, and other relevant information about the client's IT environment. By automating the report generation process, MSPs save time and effort, enabling them to scale their QBR process.  

QBRs have long needed a refresh, and automating the process will do just that. Adding automation to your QBR strategy enables your team to deliver a more customized client experience that lets technology and data drive informed conversations based on each client's needs. This helps to significantly boost client transparency and encourages client engagement as customers gain a deeper understanding of the IT environments.  

If you want to learn more about how CloudRadial can help you scale your QBR process, check out this helpful article. 

Task Four: Trigger RMM Commands

As an MSP, you know that proactively monitoring customer networks, endpoints, and other assets is a core element in your service offering. And doing this remotely with your RMM makes all the difference. But what if you could automate end-user commands of your RMM? Think of things like downloading software or executing scripts to resolve simple IT issues.  

Automating these end-user RMM commands is a game-changer for MSPs and CloudRadial's Drag and Drop Automations feature does exactly that. With CloudRadial, MSPs can control which software clients have access to download through their RMM, allowing users to trigger software downloads via CloudRadial forms. This feature also allows MSPs to regulate exactly who can view and download specific software.   

It's all about swift issue resolution, and with automation, RMM commands are triggered instantly, addressing problems promptly and mitigating them. Automation also seamlessly handles routine maintenance and health checks, preventing potential issues and guaranteeing system reliability. This frees up your service desk engineers to focus on more pressing tasks. 

Task Five: Workflows

There’s a huge variety of tasks within an MSP business that can benefit from automation. Many are repetitive, and some take a lot of time or require manual labor. A good chunk of these workflows are prime candidates for automation.  

By streamlining and accelerating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, you make your team more efficient. Automated workflows also reduce tedious tasks that involve many steps and are more prone to errors. Offloading these types of activities to automation technology is a quick win, giving your service desk engineers the opportunity to turn their focus toward higher-value tasks and reducing the risk of mistakes. 

CloudRadial’s purpose-built automation capabilities help MSPs accelerate and optimize all the tasks above and more. If you’re ready to see what automation can do for your MSP business, book a demo with CloudRadial today.  


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