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    Let AI Help Detect Your MSP Clients’ Happiness

    Posted by Jeff Farris on Feb 25, 2019 5:24:23 AM

    Best practices in MSP customer satisfaction (CSAT) have changed quite a lot over the last few years. Gone are the multi-question surveys that required too much client time and hassle. Now, simple smiley face surveys dominate because they distill the client’s experience into one simple question – “Are you delighted with our service?”

    Why Smiley Face Surveys?

    Smiley face surveys typically provide 3 choices – Happy (Delighted), Neutral, and Unhappy. Any response other than happy is cause for concern. Variations of this often include 5 stars or 5 versions of smileys, but the goal is the same. Investigate and resolve every issue that generates a less than perfect score.

    Smiley Face Survey

    Along with these simple one-click surveys, it is also best practice to provide optional feedback in case a client has a specific point of praise or feedback to share and the option to have someone (typically company management) follow-up on the issue. But what happens when their score and their comments don’t match?

    AI Sentiment Analysis

    CloudRadial’s built-in CSAT feature uses artificial intelligence to help identify comments that might be areas of concern even if the overall score is good. For example, you receive feedback on a ticket marked “happy”, but the comments say something like “the process started as a disaster, but finally your staff got their act together and fixed my problem.” Here’s a case where the comments should flag additional investigation. So, in CloudRadial, you’ll get alerted to both scores – the user-clicked score and a score from the AI-based sentiment analysis.

    Customer satisfaction is important to track both at the client level and at the MSP level. More importantly, CSAT reporting should be a part of every QBR so that issues can be dealt with transparently. Company management should be aware of how their staff is interacting with your staff. Just because everyone at a client company is happy with your services, doesn’t mean that company management is aware. 

    For more information on how to put CloudRadial’s AI-based CSAT capabilities to work for your business, contact us for a demo or start a trial.

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