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    An MSP Love Story – We Have the Sale, Now We’ve Lost Interest

    Posted by Seth Wilson on Jan 28, 2020 4:09:56 AM

    You spent a year selling yourself to a prospect. You attended boring community events just for a quick conversation with them, spent hours evaluating their rat’s nest of a network for free, and have finally landed a real whale of a client. You then deliver business-transforming project work that finally brings their business into the 21st century and changes the way they work for the better. They’re all smiles and you’re the hero. But if you fix all their problems, how do you keep that client enthusiasm up a year later?

    If the squeaky wheel gets the grease so too is the silent wheel neglected. Because there are only so many hours in a day, MSPs tend to focus most of their time on placating unhappy clients and ignoring the happy ones. Likewise, you rarely see perfectly healthy people praise their doctor for their health. If they never have to go to the doctor, it’s hard to see why they’d pay one every month. CloudRadial was built to tackle this very problem, and here are some of the ways we help MSPs solve it.

    White-Labeled Client Portal

    You need to provide value to clients constantly even when they aren’t calling in with emergencies every month. It’s the catch-22 of IT, do your job too well and they may forget why they’re paying you. This is where our white-labeled client portal comes in. More than just a ticketing portal, it enables your clients to share Office 365 calendars, link to all their cloud applications with an easy-to-use customizable applications menu, manage policies and compliance, and get up-to-the-minute infrastructure reporting. It’s on and providing value to your clients even when you aren’t personally.

    Turn Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) into DBRs

    The QBR is a fantastic tool for keeping clients engaged and on the same page as time goes by. However, as your client base expands, it can start to take more than a quarter just to meet with all your clients to review it. And what was once a great way to maintain client relationships and upsell can start to consume all your time including the time you should be spending prospecting for new business.

    That’s why CloudRadial’s white-labeled client portal also includes a Daily Business Review (DBR), providing an always-updating presentation of your services and how they can address specific client needs they may not even know they have. Instead of spending time upselling and marketing your services to clients, CloudRadial gives you the tools to instead show them why they are needed, allowing them to understand and shop for your services at their own pace.

    CloudRadial vCIO Planner tool

    Online End User Training

    New hires without proper cyber security training can be a real liability in today’s workplace, making training and testing for cyber security awareness a must for most companies. CloudRadial provides you with everything you need including prewritten exams to provide these services to your client on-demand, any time they need them. In this way you’ll start producing value for every employee at your client’s organization from day one.

    Find out how CloudRadial can help you deliver value to your clients every day, not just when something goes wrong, by signing up for a free trial to explore it for yourself.

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