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Better Together: Addigy and CloudRadial

Better Together: Addigy and CloudRadial

On July 29th, 2021, we participated in a fantastic webinar with Ricky Cecchini (Director of Product Services, CloudRadial), Jason Dettbarn (CEO, Addigy) and Ryan Loughran, (Service Manager, Valiant Technology).  

The webinar recording can be found on YouTube, linked here.

Setting the Stage: The Challenge of Actionable Data

One of the biggest challenges that managed service providers (MSPs) face is the business review process with their clients.

More specifically, MSPs struggle to draw out the most relevant and important information from their ever-expanding list of tools to show to their clients.

Show too much and you’ve got a snooze fest on your hands.

Show too little and the meeting will provide no value.

The sweet spot here is to draw out the data and make it actionable. By picking the “best of” highlights of their data, the MSP can make the most of the data available to them to drive better business decisions for the client. And, of course, that means more revenue and stickiness for the MSP-client relationship.

Get a big picture view with CloudRadial’s QBR Process

The Resolution: CloudRadial’s Action Plan

To make sense of all the data, an MSP needs to display it in a client-facing format that is:

  • Easily understood with minimal context-setting
  • Automated to pull in data as reliably as possible
  • Siloed and unique to support wildly various client environments and service delivery stacks

…and that’s exactly what CloudRadial was built to do.

As a client portal, our job is to give regular users (the customers of the MSP) the ability to self-service themselves. For your everyday person, that means ticketing, training, intranet functionality, and more.

For points of contact and other administrative-level users, the portal also includes ways to view data in various ways. That includes native endpoint reporting, report archiving, assessment functionality, and more.

Still, the main point of drawing data together into a portal isn’t to create a text wall of data. It’s to derive action and a plan to resolve issues and improve the business as a whole.

In short, the first step is data aggregation. But the second step is building a plan from that data.

CloudRadial’s planner functionality gives MSP account managers a way to highlight key points from the data that’s available in the portal into a simple card-based view. From there, the account manager and points of contacts can have a clear conversation about the most important initiatives and the steps to address them.




Enter Addigy: The Master of Mac Reporting

To sum it up, CloudRadial allows for the aggregation of data from various tools to feed the planner for actionable decisions. In some cases, it relies on third-party tools from partners to enable the data feed.

And that’s where Addigy comes in.

Addigy is a Mac-focused management software designed to help businesses and educational institutions manage the deployment, configuration, and performance of all Apple devices across the organization.

As it relates to IT environments, Mac devices are becoming more commonplace among various teams and departments. The thought of a Mac-dominant business was rare/uncommon before, but nowadays the hybrid environment is more prevalent than ever.

Thanks to the integration between CloudRadial and Addigy, you can manage your Apple devices through a best-in-class tool that allows you to have a granular management and reporting functionality. Within the CloudRadial portal, the devices show up within a company’s Infrastructure > Endpoints section.




Select users (typically points of contact and other decision makers) can have 24/7 access into the state of their Apple devices, enhancing visibility and transparency overall.

Furthermore, the account managers can leverage the data brought in by Addigy against CloudRadial’s compliance policies. These policies simplify the process even further by making it as easy as seeing red, yellow, and green areas of their infrastructure.




As an account manager for an MSP, you can save a ton of time getting to the meat of the decisions to take rather than spending minutes (and hours) setting up the context for the reporting.

Better Together: Addigy and CloudRadial

In our webinar together, we explored how MSPs can leverage the data from Addigy to drive smarter decisions and consulting for their clients. Whether it’s for revenue opportunities, security initiatives, compliance-based concerns and more… well, that’s up to you.

Ryan Loughran from Valiant Technology, a customer of both Addigy and CloudRadial, explained how he uses both tools to help achieve objectives for his organization. Remember to check out the webinar here to see the full discussion among all three parties.

Mac reporting becomes much more solid when CloudRadial and Addigy work in tandem – hence, “Better Together.” Give CloudRadial a shot by signing up for a 100% risk-free trial today

Similarly, you can schedule a demo with Addigy by visiting this link

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