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CloudRadial Now Integrates with ChatGenie

Chat software can be a game-changer for managed service providers (MSPs).  

MSPs are constantly looking for new ways to better support their clients, so they turn to mediums that make it easier, faster, and more efficient than ever before.  

So, what’s not to love about a live chat feature? 

The fact of the matter is that there are lots of live chat tools out there. But for MSPs, ChatGenie offers a massive advantage over others  it’s distinctly focused on improving service delivery for the MSP market. In short, it’s not a one-size-fits-all chat that needs to be retrofitted to work with your tools. 

More specifically, that means ChatGenie has all the goodness of integration with popular MSP tools (such as Datto’s AutotaskConnectWise, Syncro, ITGlue, and more) 

How ChatGenie Works with CloudRadial  

Like peanut butter and jelly, some things are just better together.  

While the power of ChatGenie can stand on its own just fine, it’s improved when the MSP can put it in front of clients more naturally (and often). More exposure increases usage, which means more efficient ticket solving as the need arises.  

Traditionally, chat software has been relegated to the MSP’s website. But when you combine the efficiency of chat with the multi-faceted use of an MSP client portal (which is what CloudRadial does), you get a strategy that constantly delivers value to the client. 

So how does CloudRadial do its part in this relationship? 

CloudRadial takes care of the client engagement aspect – the client portal offers people features like ticketing, knowledge base articles, training courses, a line-of-business apps launcher, automated reporting, and more.  

These are just a handful of features that make the portal genuinely useful to the client’s business operations, which means that they have a much higher chance of coming back to the MSP’s portal daily. 

Bringing them into the portal puts ChatGenie right in front of them organically. Integrating ChatGenie into the portal is as easy as putting it on a website – but with one additional benefit. Because users must authenticate to get into the portal, CloudRadial already knows who the user is and what company they belong to.  

Want specific instructions on how to integrate ChatGenieLook no further than here. 

When they initiate a chat from the portal, their details are pre-filled for them, making the client experience smoother than ever.  

Give ChatGenie and CloudRadial a Shot 

If you’ve ever wanted to transform your client experience, this is a great start. You can kick off a free trial of ChatGenie from this link to give it a shot for yourself. 

Similarly, you can give CloudRadial a try from this link. When you combine both tools, you get something that improves your client retention and helps your own service team solve issues faster than ever before.