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    COVID-19 Impact Analysis for MSPs

    Author: Seth Wilson
    - 1 MIN READ

    As we’ve mentioned previously, MSPs are the first-responders to business during the COVID-19 crisis, and part of that response is doing an impact assessment for all of your clients. We’re hearing some pretty crazy stories from our clients about 18-hour days, sleeping at the office, and the like. That said, now is (hopefully) the best opportunity you’ll have in a long time to evaluate your clients IT infrastructure and have real examples to back up an evidence-based sales approach for later down the road, if not right now.

    CloudRadial put together a business impact analysis for COVID-19, but a lot of this is pretty valid for all manner of natural disaster and disruption. Your client may not have been prepared for this one, but getting them into shape will more than likely come in handy down the road too. This isn’t exploiting a crisis, it’s taking advantage of a great learning example to help your client understand the value of a modern IT infrastructure.

    Take notes on each of the items below for all of your clients, and offer them remediation where you see trouble. If they can’t jump on it now, it’ll plant the seed for when things get back to normal, and disaster preparedness is squarely on everyone’s radar. Additionally, your client will know that you’re there for them, providing value at this critical time.

    Likely impacts to their overall business

    • Reduced revenue expectations?
    • Opportunity expectations?

    Likely impacts to the way they conduct business

    • Changing the place from where they work?
    • Do employees all have internet access?
    • What employees have to show up at the office?

    Changing the types of equipment they may be using?

    • Home computers vs office computers?
    • Will the office computers work/be secure if they are taken home?

    Changing the way they engage with clients?

    • Onsite vs. online meetings

    Likely impact if they couldn’t get back into their office for a couple of months

    • Moving internal systems to the cloud?
    • Servers
    • Desktop applications
    • Phone system
    • Timecard

    Likely impact for IT support

    • How will you support client equipment issues?
    • How will a shift to home will affect RMM support capabilities?

    Other considerations

    • Security for systems if not in an office area
    • Methods for task and project management
    • What can be done with existing systems
    • What new systems have to come online
    • Time frames for lockdowns and remediation.

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