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    How CloudRadial Saves MSPs Money

    Posted by Seth Wilson on May 12, 2020 4:59:24 AM

    Wise investments in your business should help you save money, make money, save time, or deliver a better client experience. CloudRadial was built from the ground up to deliver all four of these benefits to managed service providers. It’s pretty obvious how a white-labeled client portal with a full suite of automated account management tools helps make money, save time, and deliver a better client experience, but how does adding yet another monthly cost actually save you money?

    Right-sized tool for the job

    When you have a problem at your business that can be solved with software or hiring, you likely do what most MSPs and business owners do and seek the best-of-breed tool or a new hire to solve that specific problem. Over the years problems keep arising, and pretty soon your software and salary expenses can get out of hand. But what if you were a tradesman and did this with physical tools? You need a screw driver so you get the biggest, baddest power drill you can find. Need to hammer in a nail? A pneumatic piledriver, obviously, itt hammers the best. Need to cut some wire? Going to need a plasma torch for that, because that’s what the big boys use to cut things.

    No one can question that these tools are awesome. But is it possible that these industrial strength tools are weighing you down and costing you a small fortune? And when you show up with a semi-truck full of various noisy implements of destruction when a Leatherman will do the job, does the client think they called the right company to install their curtains?

    Consolidation saves money and improves the experience

    The novice cowboy runs down one cow at a time, the veteran walks towards the herd with a strategy to get them all taken care of at once. Your business problems aren’t that unlike cattle in this way. When you’re starting out you don’t know any better than to solve the problem in front of you, but after a while you either become more strategic and are able to scale your business, or you keep fixing one problem at a time and wondering why it’s so hard to grow revenue past where you’re at.

    CloudRadial is so much more than a client portal, it’s an integrated account management solution. It not only integrates with a broad swath of MSP tools, but can often replace many of your client experience tools. It’s a multi-tool and a toolbelt. You can bring along your favorite tools, but you can consolidate things like your ticketing portalservice catalog, Office 365 reporting, infrastructure reporting, vCIO account planning, CSAT, training, compliance, client company intranetsecurity reporting, and a lot more all into one platform. This not only saves you money, but delivers a more seamless experience to your clients.

    Get strategic, trade-in that stack

    We’re here to show you how to do this. We’re not making some vague claim here, we’re doing this every day for MSPs. Our onboarding services are designed to help you solve all these problems by working alongside back-office tools like your PSA (we currently integrate with Connectwise, Autotask, BMS and Syncro with more coming) to deliver an exceptional client experience while saving you money.

    In light of the current COVID crisis and to drive this point home we’re offering a “Trade-in” promotion. Signup for a trial and make sure to schedule a one-on-one onboarding/consultation to learn how to solve these business problems with CloudRadial and we’ll reduce the subscription cost to $95 a month for the first 3 months with as many end-users as you please.


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