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Just Another Office 365 Application

Just Another Office 365 Application

Our new October release features numerous UI improvements to keep the product current with Microsoft’s evolving fluent design standards. Our goal is to make using CloudRadial as intuitive as possible by making it similar to other Office 365 applications.

UI Enhancements

  • Updated company messaging and directory layouts
  • Search boxes have been moved above lists to facilitate improved responsive layouts for end-user views on phones and tablets
  • Over 1500 new icons from Microsoft’s library including most Office application icons
  • The ability to use external graphics for menu, quick start and service catalog items
  • Refinements to the default theme for similarity to the new Outlook web look
  • Updated Office icons in our default Office 365 content

Note, as of this release, the Azure theme has been discontinued to better focus efforts on the remaining themes.

Other Enhancements

Beyond cosmetic updates, the release adds several requested features:

  • Additional Endpoint list view tabs for Security and Performance.
  • An additional option for end-user ticket status “Close this ticket (resolved)”. Partners will need to update their PSA Settings and set the correct ticket status for this to work properly.
  • An additional option to highlight tickets with the status “Needs Change Approval” or the status that is set under PSA Settings
  • A chat icon on the top bar that can link out to a Partner’s web-based chat portal. This setting is defined under Account Settings and is hidden until set.
  • Hiding Office 365 sidebar items when Office 365 is not connected to better support clients not yet migrated to Office 365.
  • Hiding PSA-related sidebar items when a PSA is not connected.
  • Sidebar customization to allow changing item names. Contact us at support to make changes.

Future Foundations

We’ve also laid the foundations for future updates including:

In addition to these enhancements, we have continued fixing bugs and resolving edge cases of usage.

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