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    MSP Client Focused Network Reporting

    Posted by Jeff Farris on May 10, 2019 7:24:53 AM

    IT Glue was in the news this week with their latest offering Network Glue. Network Glue is another option MSPs can use to understand, document and manage client networks. But what about clients? How do you communicate networks to clients? 

    It’s important to provide network information to clients for three reasons:

    1. Helps clients understand what you do for them– Every time a user logs into Office 365, there are a lot of things that must be working correctly for that log in to seem routine. Reliable networking is one of those “things”.
    2. Documents client IT assets– Clients often invest a lot of money in IT, but often can’t identify even if it’s on and in use. Providing clients reliable reporting of their current environment builds transparency in the MSP-client relationship.
    3. Identifies devices that don’t belong– Networks that have been around for a while may have forgotten devices attached that present potential security or data loss issues. Clients will often notice these devices based on their history with the company.

    With these goals in mind, CloudRadial has worked with Auvik to present real-time network reporting through the CloudRadial client portal. When Auvik integration is enabled, clients are able to see the latest information about their devices and networks directly from the Auvik APIs.


    For MSPs, Auvik network reporting means that network reporting is automated, and clients are kept current with the latest changes. More importantly, Auvik network reporting is another way for you to get credit for what you do for clients to help reaffirm your commitment to them for proactive support.

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