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    Plan Your Own Success

    Posted by Jeff Farris on Apr 16, 2019 5:28:36 AM

    Kanban boards, popularized in applications such as Trello and Microsoft Planner, are a project planning visualization tool that helps track tasks within a project. In its simplest form, it is implemented using index cards taped to a wall in column order such as:



    Then, to update progress, cards are moved from one column to another.

    These planning boards are a great way to organize both the available work that needs to be done and the schedule or progress of work that gets done. Columns can be based on status or schedule date or in any way that helps everyone see quickly the plan or the progress of the project.

    Applied to MSPs, a planning board is great way to organize recommended, upcoming and completed work for a client. Organized by quarter, the planning board sets expectations and delivery schedules. If all client planning boards are rolled-up, MSPs have clear metrics of opportunity, project needs and achievements around which to plan staffing and delivery and to monitor client success.

    A Kanban board, when it comes to client planning is one of the most valuable tools in the account managers planning kit. 

    CloudRadial’s Account Planner feature delivers this capability in a way that also makes it easy to present to clients in the CloudRadial client portal. More importantly for MSPs, the Account Planner gathers and presents the data necessary to:

    • Focus account management activity
    • Help clients understand the services MSPs offer
    • Set clear goals for client growth
    • Score or rank clients against each other
    • Elevate client conversations to focus on new project and MRR opportunities
    • Balance project delivery needs against staffing capabilities
    • Project revenue and profit growth for the business
    • Scale account management with hiring more people

    Best of all, the Account Planner is part of the integrated CloudRadial solutions and just one of many features that helps MSPs manage, engage and grow clients.

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