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    Where Does Microsoft Secure Score Fit For MSPs?

    Posted by Jeff Farris on Jan 10, 2019 4:45:05 AM

    Microsoft’s Office 365 Secure Score is a powerful tool that helps every client achieve higher levels of security based on need and industry. It was designed for internal I.T. to understand and apply best security practices to their tenant. However, for MSPs, the Microsoft Secure Score can be an awkward tool that requires numerous logins in client accounts to evaluate and remediate.

    With the December update of CloudRadial, we’ve removed much of the hassle surrounding the Microsoft Secure Score. Once you’ve setup your Microsoft credentials, you’ll get a concise view of all of your clients, their overall secure scores, the details of those scores and even links that direct you to the fixes required. With CloudRadial, you’ll have a single view of all of your client’s Office 365 security profiles.


    This Secure Score information gets updated each night or can be updated on demand. Secure Score information is provided in CloudRadial for the MSPs benefit and it is not provided directly to clients. However, some of the same factors, such as multi-factor authentication, that drive the overall Secure Score are presented to clients under CloudRadial Policy or Log Ins reporting. Use the information in CloudRadial to drive conversations with clients that supports the business rationale for implement the best practices that Secure Score encourages.

    CloudRadial helps you see the complete picture for a client including their Office 365 information. To learn how to put CloudRadial’s Office 365 features to work for your MSP, contact us for a free trial.

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