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    Transform Your Stack Costs into Marketing Costs

    Posted by Ricky Cecchini on May 18, 2021 1:58:45 PM

    Since outbound marketing efforts can take time (and cost a lot)many MSPs opt to avoid them. If they want to focus on marketing at all, they look to spend any of their available time and efforts as efficiently as possible 

    But what if you could take the tools within your existing solution stack and service delivery processes and leverage them as part of your marketing costs? What if you could market just by focusing on improving service? 

    Good news – you can, and we’ll show you how. 

    How to Best Leverage the Solution Stack 

    You’ve likely got many kinds of tools within your stack that you use for your service delivery 

    From the RMM software to the PSA, all the way to security tools and backup applications. That’s not even accounting for everything in between those, like documentation platforms, network monitoring tools, Microsoft 365 management software, and more. 

    When combined with your MSP’s intellectual property and team experience on how to use them bestyou’ve got a unique, organic approach to marketing that can’t be copied by anyone else.   

    But it’s not good enough to just talk about it 

    You need to be able to show clients and prospects how you use your experience and your stack for their benefit every single day – and make it easily understandable to them. 

    If you can do that, then you’ll create something that’s very marketable 

    And the better job you do in making your clients happy, the more referrals (and money) will come your way.  

    Turning Raw Information into Actionable (and Marketable) Data 

    So, if you’ve already got the data you need from your tools, how can you leverage it to be marketable?  

    First off, we need to look at how it needs to be structured. 

    On the client/prospect side, you need a way to make your service delivery as transparent as possible – that means making everything from IT infrastructure details to third-party reports available on demand. You need to keep this data high-level and stored in such a way that it allows the client to drill into it whenever they want. 

    On the MSP side, you want to take that same information and accomplish three main goals throughout the ongoing client relationship. They include: 

    • Proving to the client that they’re getting the services they’re paying for 
    • Driving a sales conversation to increase revenue and sell projects 
    • Consulting clients on their best strategic IT decisions and go-forward plans 

    The best way to accomplish both client and MSP objectives is to establish a shared space between yourself and the client – i.e., a portal. 

     A portal can take your stack costs and service delivery processes – which have typically been a “given” – and turn them into the center stage for transparency.  

    With a client portal, you can readily show good dataand that good data will lead to more salesIf you buy better productsyou’ll see returns in better technician productivity and better sales productivity because the portal can now become your most powerful presentation tool. 

    That makes your day-to-day efforts marketable. After all, you can take screenshots of a portal. You can create videos of the portal. You can even showcase your portal on a device during a prospect meeting.  

    How CloudRadial Helps Turn Stack Costs to Marketing Costs 

    The best way to get started with your transformation is to focus on your presentation medium. 

    That’s where CloudRadial can help. 

    As an MSP client portal with account management automation functionality woven throughout it, CloudRadial is designed to deliver tangible value to clients by itself (with native features like a ticketing frontend, a university for training, a knowledge base, and more).  

    But past the immediate usability, its other primary focus is to show your clients what you do for them every single day. Features like the report archives allow you to create folders with emails attached to them that you can forward reports into directly. 

    Or you can set up integrations with other tools directly within to pull your stack data and showcase your clients everything in a single place. Current integrations include:  

    • Addigy 
    • Auvik 
    • Bigger Brains eLearning Courses 
    • ConnectBooster 
    • ConnectWise Sell 
    • Datto Backup 
    • Domotz 
    • Dropbox (for BrightGauge reports) 
    • Google 
    • Header Scripts (Chat Software) 
    • MailChimp 
    • Quoter 
    • QuoteWerks 
    • SkyKick 
    • TimeZest 
    • Wise-Pay 
    • Zendesk Chat 

    Try CloudRadial out today with a 100% free trial or sign up for a demo and take a look for yourself.  

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