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Why CloudRadial is for Growing MSPs

Are you a Managed Service Provider (MSP) who has to prioritize keeping day-to-day operations up and running over winning new business?

Do you consider yourself new and emerging with a big focus on growing your MSP?

Are you still offering break-fix services and not securing enough contracts to be profitable?

If you can relate to any of the above, you'll want to read on.

Whether you’re a new and emerging MSP or you’re in the early growth stages, we know that your priorities may differ from your peers.

For example, more established MSPs might target enterprise clients with complex IT needs, while you might be a younger MSP looking to find the most efficient ways to grow and manage your client base while improving customer service.

Some MSPs focus on winning big contracts and high-value deals, but you might focus on sustainable growth that ensures you can keep the lights on.

And while many MSPs invest in solutions like CloudRadial that help them to achieve all of the above, you might be looking at ways to manage it all yourself to keep costs down.

But what if we told you that CloudRadial is for MSPs just like you, too?

With CloudRadial, you can increase your monthly recurring revenue (MRR), enhance your service offerings, and build a solid reputation that enables you to engage with more clients.

Because whatever your business goals are, CloudRadial has a feature to support you.

Your current focus might look like this:

  • You’re looking to build close relationships with existing clients and tailor your services to meet their needs
  • You want to offer cost-effective solutions that actually help your clients with their IT problems
  • You want growth, but only at a steady speed you can handle and afford
  • You want to increase your MRR, but you don't want to find yourself out of pocket

The good news is that you can achieve all of the above with CloudRadial's Unified Client Portal. Specifically designed for MSPs, the portal has everything you need to go after your business goals, no matter the size of your MSP.

If you want to…

Build close relationships with your clients, consider a Unified Client Portal.

Accessible to you and your clients, the Unified Client Portal helps MSPs to improve communication and encourages clients to self-triage in a supported environment. Clients can view reports, submit tickets, access a training library full of courses, and work with you to build automated workflows. This new level of transparency will help you to showcase your value and become your client's trusted IT partner. And we all know that trust opens doors, especially for MSPs looking to nurture existing clients.

Find cost-effective solutions, but you need to figure out what your clients need. And they, too, don't know what they need...

This can be easily solved in four easy steps:

  • Firstly, you'll want to dig into the portal and look at your client's data – you can either form a report or simply take notes. Think about where you can present solutions to their problems, how you can save your clients money by keeping solution costs low (but still giving them what they need), and how you can help them grow.
  • Second, you'll present this data to the clients and show them where they need extra support. If you’re doing Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) with your clients, this would be the perfect opportunity to present your findings.
  • Third, using CloudRadial's vCIO planner, you'll map out the steps, solutions, and costs to get them where they need to be.
  • Finally, you'll update your offerings in CloudRadial's Service Catalog so your clients can go in and purchase what they need themselves.

And all you had to do was get them in a room and run through your key findings.

Achieve steady growth over unpredictable, sporadic growth.

When it comes to being a successful MSP, it's about quality just as much as quantity. That's why our portal features a knowledge base and a training library full of free courses you can tailor to your clients’ business needs. Rather than solely focusing on winning new business, CloudRadial helps you educate and support your existing clients, so they continue to invest in your business.

You want the MRR, but you also want happy and loyal clients.

Billing clients monthly enables you to make more informed predictions about where your business is heading. And the good news is you don't need to keep winning new business to increase your MRR. Instead, shift your focus towards improving client satisfaction.   

Happy clients equate to profit, loyalty, business growth, and word-of-mouth recommendations – meaning new clients come to you.

In order to improve customer experience, you might think you need to add to your service desk team; more coverage, better customer service, right?

In reality, you can do more with less.

Let's take ticketing and client onboarding as examples. Both processes are a big pain point for MSPs. However, CloudRadial enables you to tackle these problems head-on and smooth out each process.

Ticketing: Within the portal, you can automate and optimize ticketing workflows, which helps to improve ticket resolution times. And with faster resolution times, you'll have happy clients with fewer problems and a much quieter service desk! You’ll also use fewer resources freeing up your service desk engineers so they can focus on other pressing projects, and you won’t need to hire more staff to reduce the workload.

Onboarding: CloudRadial enables you to automate the onboarding process, ensuring the process is error-free, user-friendly, and quick to complete. Not only does this improve overall efficiency and help new employees hit the ground running, but these processes are scalable, meaning you can cater to the masses without hiring new staff and creating additional overheads.

A successful MSP will invest the same amount of time and energy into a client that gives them $1,000 a month and a client that gives them $10,000 a month. If your clients feel heard, seen, and valued, they will invest in your business, and over time, that investment will increase and so will your MRR.

We understand the early-stage growing pains you experience as an MSP and have seen exactly how MSPs use a variety of tools and solutions to grow and scale their businesses. When you have the right tech stack in place early on, you’ll set yourself up for early success.

To see how CloudRadial is an integral part of your tech stack, download and read our guide, Land, Onboard, Manage, and Grow.

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