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Now Your Clients Can Manage Their Own Internet Activity with CloudRadial and ScoutDNS

In 2023, 90% of organizations across the globe experienced one or more DNS attacks. 

7.5 attacks have hit the same organization more than once in the past 12 months. 

The average cost of those attacks currently sits at $1.1 million.   

The evidence is here: DNS attacks are on the rise, costing companies millions of dollars. So, what more can MSPs do?  

You likely already offer your clients a DNS security solution within your stack.  

But does that solution allow your employees to monitor the sites their remote employees visit? And does it allow your clients to self-manage which sites their employees can access, and run their own network reports?  

If not, now you can offer your clients that option. CloudRadial has recently partnered with ScoutDNS, a cloud-based content filtering, threat protection, and network visibility software that operates at the DNS layer.  

And the good news? It directly integrates with CloudRadial's Unified Client Portal 

How does this integration help MSPs? 

Instead of clients submitting a ticket each time they want you to change user permissions, monitor an employee's location or network, or even block specific sites and applications, they can do it all themselves in the portal.  

What does this mean for you and your clients? 

  • With your clients managing their own DNS filtering, you’ll have fewer tickets clogging up your service desk and more resources available for more urgent requests. 
  • You can offer your clients a way to monitor activity and ensure efficiency from their remote employees. 
  • Your service desk techs and clients no longer have to communicate back and forth every time a setting needs to be adjusted. Your clients will be happily self-sufficient and the saved time will provide an opportunity for you to become more of a trusted advisor. You can even use CloudRadial’s vCIO planner to help build and present your plan, so your clients can adopt more of your solutions straight away.  

This self-service approach allows your clients to have improved visibility that will enable admins to proactively identify potential security threats, track user behavior, and enforce policies, ensuring a smooth and streamlined process. 

With the ability to monitor their remote employees’ activity and set their own policies, clients will ensure a secure environment that helps stop cyberattacks. 

To learn more about the ScoutDNS and CloudRadial integration, register for our upcoming webinar. 

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