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    The QBR – A Better Way

    Posted by Jeff Farris on May 26, 2018 9:59:25 AM

    The quarterly business review is a vital part of maintaining relationships with clients. But as the number of cloud clients grow, there may not be enough time in the quarter to meet with everyone. Plus, QBR’s take away valuable new client prospecting time to reach out to people who are ready to take advantage of new services or programs.

    That’s why CloudRadial puts so much emphasis on putting data and services in front of clients. Just like Amazon lets their customers browser at their leisure, CloudRadial helps clients identify needed upgrades or features and then uses data to drive urgency.

    CloudRadial provides a daily business review or DBR for your clients through policy monitoring, adoption reporting and security information that clients can quickly act on through your services catalog and problem reporting.

    Less Sales, More Service = More Revenue

    CloudRadial frees sales people to focus on new accounts and active existing client opportunities. Then, when your sales or support staff meets with clients, they can use the data from CloudRadial to drive the discussion.

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